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Title: Loss
Series: Digimon 02
Pairing: Genki x Toji [VeemonxWormmon]& Implied Daisuke x Ken
Rating: PG-14 Mature Content
A/N: Toji & Genki are property of me and my lovely friend M.I. Though Wormmon, Veemon and Daisuke belong to their creators of course. Toji and Genki are just their gjinka names.

Only once in her entire life had Genki felt like someone had torn out her heart and stomped on it and in that moment she had never hated a chosen child as much as she hated Ken. This was the second time he'd wreaked havoc on the digital world and she almost considered ripping the dark spore out of him with her own hands.

“Toji! He's still breathing!” Genki looked up and dashed across the sand to where Ken was holding the only digimon....boy she had ever loved in his arms and Toji was /dying/.

“You're returned to your old self again, I knew you could do it Ken.” Toji said weakly and Ken shook his head. “I'm sorry Toji, I'm a failure, I couldn't overpower the spore.” Toji coughed painfully and looked up at his former Master. “It's never too late to be sorry, it's not your fault. We'll find a way to get rid of it, I promise.”

Daisuke nodded at that. “Toji's right Ken! I promised you I'd take care of you and dammit, I will!” Toji coughed weakly and Ken bit his bottom lip, trying to stop the onslaught of tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks and gently put his dying partner in Genki's arms. She was Toji's jogress partner, his mate after all.

“Don't you dare leave me.” Genki said, fear in her voice. “We'll find a way to help you, just hold on okay?” Toji shook his head. “It's too late for me.” He said softly wincing in pain as he reached a hand up to touch her cheek. “You'll be okay.” He said. “I believe in you, you're Courage, remember?” He stroked his thumb over one of the gold markings on her cheek.

Genki shook her head. “Don't go, you're my best friend, my mate...your heart beats with mine, Toji!” She shook her head again and her wild hair fell over her bright red eyes as the tears finally began to fall. “Please, hold on, I love you, more than chocolate!”

Toji chuckled softly and his eyes shut then. “I love you too Genki...goodbye.”

It all happened so quickly, the quick blast of Toji becoming flecks of deleting data and as they faded away in the wind, Genki chased it like a child chasing a lost balloon.

“Come bacck! Toji come back! Please don't go! I need you!!”

She was barely aware that she had dropped to her knees in the sand and when Daisuke pulled her close, she began to cry. Not just little tears, but loud heart-wrenching sobs and it made Daisuke's heart ache just to hear it. He could feel it too though, Ken's pain, Genki's pain. It was one of the cons of being bonded. Slowly he reached his arms out for Ken, pulling him into the cuddle pile while the rest of the chosen children watched with tears in their eyes, mourning their fallen friend.


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