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Name:Cia Leigh Cortes ( Donny Liam )
Birthdate:Feb 29
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
29, writer, artist, dancer, cosplayer, roleplayer.

I'm also obsessed with Starbucks. It is delicious and I need coffee to live.

Most of the stuff in here are private thoughts, I'm moving over from my old journal that's been deleted and purged [Tea_Dragon]. I'm thinking of starting rp's again, so I need a journal.

<----------Veracity ~ A Laguna Loire Fanlisting [Mah BBY!, I love Laguna~~]

Interests (142):

aang, alice in wonderland, american mcgees alice, angel, angel sanctuary, angels, angst, argentine, astraia, avatar the last airbender, avengers, bass guitars, canada, candy, captain america, cartman, cats, chainers, cheshire cat, chip and dale, chocolate, clyde, collars, corpse bride, coven, craig, d&d, daisuke, dance, danny elfman, danny phantom, dark, darkwing duck, david bowie, digimon02, dir en grey, disney, disney afternoon, dnangel, dnangel smut, dnangel yaoi, donny, doomtree, draco malfoy, drawing, earth nation, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy, fire nation, freedom fighters, gackt, ghoma, girls, gothic, harry potter, harry potter smut, hive mind, hp lovecraft, individuality, industrial, insanity, invader zim, iron man, jet, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kaizer ken, katara, kenny, king dodongo, krad, kyle, labyrinth, lace, leather, legend, life, link, loki, love, loveless, mai, majora, malice mizer, miyako, movies, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, orifiel, pagan, pepper potts, pepperony, phantom of the opera, pleated plaid skirts, porn, punk, rainbowbrite, rainbows, rammstein, rescue rangers, role playing, ronin warriors, rowen, sage, sailormoon, satoshi, sisters of battle, slannesh, slytherin, smut, soccer, sokka, south park, spellbound, spikes, stan, steve rogers, style, suki, thor, thumbelina, thunderstorms, tim burton, tony stark, toph, tyranids, unicorns, volga, voltaire, volvagia, warcraft, warhammer, water tribe, whips and chains, wicca, x-japan, yaoi, yoroiden samurai troopers, zelda, zuko

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